Pennuti Skizzati

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Pennuti Skizzati officially borns in 2011, even though the first illustration of a crazy sparrow was created in 2000.

I was 18 years old when I started drawing and painting. I actually didn’t know any specific drawing or painting technique, it was just my passion to guide me. I still remember the first box of pencils that Santa Claus brought me.

My favourite activity was drawing wonderful trees full of tiny leaves. In the next years I started attending a school for Art Direction where I met my teacher, Livio Labuz, who teached me a lot about painting techniques as the colored china.

I immediately felt in love – and I am actually still in love – with this technique. So, with my nib, I started creating my first panels full of small tiny sparrows, each one different from all the others, each one with its peculiar characteristics. For me this was the occasion for some evasions from the –sometimes boring – life of a twenty years old girl.

The number of the sparrows increased exponentially, so to become firstly my obsession, than, luckily, my work. I also realized that people too loved my yellow crazy sparrows, both young and old people. After my first self-produced line of small gifts, I decided to present my works also to Feltrinelli, one of the most important Italian editors.

Some months later it was possible to find a lot of stationary with my illustrations on all the shelfs of Feltrinelli’s bookshops of Italy.

The yellow sparrows also arrived in a lot of other stationary shops and bookshops in the following years, make everyone falling in love with them. At the end of the contract I started looking for new occasions and, from September 2017, Pennuti Skizzati has a new agent: Atlantyca Entertainment, a multi media society with a specific sector dedicated to the licencing. For our beloved yellow sparrows a new adventure has just begun!